Microsoft Office

If you cannot find Kukkuniiaat in the Office Store or are in a domain where your administrator has to approve and roll out add-ins for employees, then you need to use these resources:

LibreOffice / Apache OpenOffice

Guide for macOS (pdf)

  • If you don’t have LibreOffice on your computer already, download it.
  • Download Java SE og install it on your computer
  • Download Kukkuniiaat (It’s the same ‘Spellchecker (54MiB)‘ you can get above)
  • Open LibreOffice then go to: PreferencesAdvancedJava Options → choose the latest Java
  • Go to: ToolsExtension Manager
  • Choose Add
  • Choose kukkuniiaat.oxt and go to: Open
  • Quit LibreOffice and restart it
  • Go to: Preferences and below Language Settings, go to: Languages
  • On the: Default Languages for Documents choose Kalaallisut then press the Apply-botton
  • Kukkuniiaat is ready to use!